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One of the oldest lifestyles of humankind! From thousands of years ago, from Arians, Achaemenids to present time, majority of Iranians were engaged in a pastoral subsistence system, caring and breeding their animals too keep on life. The nomadic population of Iran, practices transhumance, migrating in the spring and in the fall. Each tribe claims the use of fixed territories for its summer and winter pastures and the right to use a specified migration route between these areas. Frequently summer and winter camps are widely separated, in some cases by as much as 1500 kilometers. This has been their life, as long as history can remember.

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NomadsIran has one of the largest nomadic populations in the world. By 2010, there were about 1.5 million nomads divided into 500 tribes in Iran. But experts say it’s a way of life that is slowly disappearing. Unfortunately, during the past years, due to the difficulties of this specific kind of lifestyle, global warming, fewer gazing lands and water resources, the nomads have decided to settle down in cities and give up what they have been doing for the past thousands of years. The nomadic lifestyle with their unique traditions, celebrations, culture, clothing, rugs, foods and everything is about to be over soon.


Sign up in one of our nomadic tours and enjoy living with nomads in their tents, take part in their celebrations, get familiar with their customs and their untouched culture and finally, taste life in the wild nature of Iran, before it’s too late!


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