Kish is a small island but it has numerous tourist attractions.kish

The Greek ship is the wreck of a 1943 cargo steamship, the Koula F, on a beach on Kish’s south-west coast.She was originally a British ship, Empire Trumpet, and was built in Scotland.[6] She ran aground in 1966 and all attempts to salvage her failed. When Koula F‍ ’​s crew abandoned her they set her on fire,[citation needed] and all that remains is her steel hulk.

Another attraction is the ancient underground aqueduct, also called the ‘Underground City’, which is partly open for tourists. It was built about 1,000 years ago for transportation and water supply across the different parts of the island.

Other attractions are the beautiful beaches that captivate the eye with their bluish tint and the long shoreline that allures many tourists during the winter season. The water is so clear that fish can be seen swimming in the sea all year long.

North of Iran

North of Iran has lot’s of forest and gorgeous nature such as AB PARI,Namakabroud,forest 2000 and the largest lake on the world is Mazandaran lake that suranded between north of Iran and Azarbayejan and Torkamanestan

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