Grand shiraz Hotel

Shiraz Hotel is a five star hotel which is located in the city of Shiraz, the birthplace of Persian culture and art. This hotel, with 40000 m? area in 14 floors, is situated in neighborhood of the holy Quran gate and it is close to touristic places in Shiraz.View more

Chamran Grand HOTEL

Has been located in the most beautiful region of Shiraz City. It is surrounded by the beautiful Ghasrodasht’s Gardens. This luxurious and beautiful hotel uses modern devices and technology to meet the guest’s need in a perfect way and make a pleasant and enjoyable stay for them during their trip

Shiraz Park Hotel

Park Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in shiraz which was built in 1959 by Mr.Hooshyar and Mr.Yazdani. The hotel has 8000 square meters foundation and 5000 square meters green space.? Park Hotel recepts dear guests with 126 rooms which include 9 suites.